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Economic Development and the Environment
The economic development in the societies of the world has taken a great toll on the natural world that we live in. We must all wake up to the fact that our environment is in trouble, and try to find ways to undo the damage caused to it.


Environmental Aspects
The identification of environmental aspects is an important step towards recognizing their impacts on our planet. This proves helpful in setting and formulating objectives, targets, and other programs that may be directed towards solving environmental problems.

Environmental Aspect and Impact
In the study of environment, it is essential to identify each possible environmental aspect and impact of it on our surroundings. The various environmental aspects each have a number of different impacts on the environment. Potential impacts must also be identified.


The Source of Pollution
Pollution has greatly damaged our planet and continues to do so. There are different kinds of pollutants, each of which come from different sources. It is essential to identify the source of pollution, in order to be able to formulate a policy to eliminate it altogether.

Environmental Effects
Most of the actions that we undertake as a result of living in an industrialized society affects the environment in a number of ways. It is therefore necessary to be aware of the consequences of our actions on the environment that we live in.


Global Environmental Problem
The global environmental problem is a growing concern, and needs to be attended to immediately. Spreading awareness of environmental problems, and responding to them without delay is absolutely necessary to deal with the global problem effectively.


Environmental Policy Targets
Environmental policy targets are an integral part of any environmental policy. A number of issues have to be considered when formulating environmental policy targets and objectives. Environmental objectives might be dedicated to tasks like reduction of waste and elimination of pollutants.


Environmental Management Plan
There are several kinds of environmental management plans and programs dealing with different aspects of the environment. The problem of efficiently disposing of solid wastes is a major problem. In this article is discussed an environment management program for solid waste disposal.


The ISO-14001 Standard The ISO-14001 standard is an international standard which deals mainly with environmental management. It is a generic management system standard, and hence can be applied to all kinds of organizations.

Quality, Safety and Environmental Standards In this article are discussed a number of international safety, quality, and environmental standards. All of these are interconnected and are areas to which sufficient attention must be paid.

Environmental Impact Study Environmental impact surveys or studies have to be undertaken in order to find out what are the possible impacts that might occur at a given site. Only once we have found out what the possible impacts are, can we work out measures whereby those impacts may not adversely affect the site.


Assessment of Environmental Aspects An organization has to first and foremost, pinpoint its significant environmental  aspects. The first step is to identify the environmental aspect, after which follows the process of deciding whether or not it is a significant aspect. Having done this, its possible impacts can be foreseen, and remedial measures can be formulated.


Aspects EMS aspects or Environmental Management System aspects are recorded in a register called the Register of Aspects. This is as per Environment Management System (EMS) IS/ISO: 14001:2004 sub-clause No. 4.3.1.


Automobile Industry As civilization progresses, the automobile industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Any kind of industrial progress is bound to lead to environmental problems through various kinds of pollution. However, there are specified ways of dealing with these issues. Read about environmental management programs for the automobile industry.

The Automobile Industry Once we find out about the various processes that go on in a particular line of operation in an industry, the next task is to pinpoint the various significant aspects. Having done that we need to focus on minimizing the negative impacts of the process. Thus, it becomes necessary to have an operational control procedure (OCP) ready to go into action. Find out about the OCPs for the automobile industry through this article.

Boiler When we think of a boiler, the picture that comes to mind is that of immense heat and possibly the creation of pollution. As with all industrial processes, the operation of a boiler too is prone to various ways of polluting the environment. However, if we can only understand the various significant environmental aspects of a boiler, we will be able to control its impacts.


Boiler House While working in an industrial setting, it becomes essential to keep an eye on the various envoronmental regulations that have been laid down. For an organization to violate any of these rules would be to show that the organization has to consideration for either the environment or the people that they share it with. This holds even for those that operate a boiler house.


Compressor We associate the compressor with a great deal of noise pollution. Working with a compressor can be a jarring experience for the nerves and the ears. However, it is not as though there are no precautions that can be followed while using a compressor. How do we control the significant environmental aspects of a compressor? Find out by reading this article.


Compressors Once you have managed to evaluate and analyze the various aspects that give rise to impacts in the operation of compressors, it is time that you found a way to control these aspects. How would you do that? By developing an operational control procedure for the working of the compressors. Find out more by reading the given case study.


Daily Life As if it was not enough that the industries of the world were increasing our already present environmental problems, but we, the people of the world have to add to the environmental problems as well. In this article we will talk about two of the ways in which we increase our environmental woes in our daily life: by polyethylene and municipal waste generation.

Everyday Life If you thought that operational control procedures were required for only those that work in manufacturing industries, you should think again! An operational control procedure is a great help even in the activities of everyday life. Even if you are doing your bit to protect the environment, there is no guarantee that everyone else is.

Environmental Management Program After aspect analysis, the significant and non-significant aspects are classified. The significant aspects and non-significant aspects are controlled by Operational Control Procedures (OCP). In addition to this, the significant aspects are improved by drawing up an Environmental Management Program (EMP).


Operational Control Systems After aspect analysis, the significant and non-significant aspects are classified. Significant aspects and non-significant aspects are controlled by Operational Control Systems (OCS) commonly known as Operational Control Procedures (OCP). In addition to this, the significant aspects are improved. Find out more about OCPs.

Production Unit A production unit is the basic constituent of a manufacturing company. Moreover, as we all know, the major hazards to the environment that we inhabit begins with faulty methods of operating the production unit. Find out how you can protect our environment from unnecessary danger by forming an operational control procedure that is suitable for your production unit.

Production Units It is not likely that an industry will be able to stick to environmental guidelines if it does not follow it at the basic level of production units. While deciding on the way in which it will carry out its processes, an organization must take care that all the environmental guidelines are maintained at the fundamental level of production. Waste and scrap generation are especially important significant aspects of all production units.

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