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The ISO-14001 Standard
~Dr Dilip Ganguly

The Benefits of Switching Over to the ISO-14001 Standard

The ISO-14001 standard is an international standard which deals mainly with environmental management. It is a generic management system standard, and hence can be applied to all kinds of organizations.

Why Should You Register With the ISO-14001 Standard?

(a) It is a great improvement tool.
(b) It works as a check on legislation compliance.
(c) It helps save costs.
(d) It is helpful in the process of waste management.
(e) It provides more market opportunities to the organization.
(f) It betters the organization's corporate image.
(g) It leads to greater customer demand.
(h) It helps formulate better emergency plans.

However, do note that the ISO-14001 Standard is part of an Integrated Management System that focuses on environment. It is not a stand-alone.

Why should you choose an environmental management system like the ISO-14001 Standard

What Are the Benefits of the ISO-14001 Standard?

  •  It helps provide market place leverage.
  • It helps demonstrate environmental leadership.
  • It provides an integrated approach to Environmental Management.
  • It promotes sound Environmental Management.
  •  It is system dependent, and not person dependent.

Why Should You Choose an Environmental Management System Like the ISO-14001 Standard?

  • It provides a structured and systematic approach.
  • It helps in the control of environmental aspects.

  •  It helps by checking that the organization is complying with the various legislations.

  •  It results in an improvement of the environmental performance.

  •  It works favorably with quality management systems.

What Are the Potential Indirect Benefits of Environmental Management Systems Like the ISO-14001 Standard?

  • It leads to an enhanced corporate image.
  • It results in enhanced marketing capabilities.
  • It improves staff morale.
  • It helps achieve better customer relations.
  • It results in better community relations.

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